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How to Start Free Wordpress Blog

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Free Wordpress Blog
Hi there, as you can see this article is about free wordpress blog, You May Know Wordpress is most popular CMS(Content Management System) now days, because of it's Limitless customizations and Unlimited Features, there is no doubt that wordpress is better then any other CMS.

If you Want You Free Wordpress Blog Just as Like blogger Read Continue..

Wordpress is php based script, it is not like blogger, you need your own domain and Hosting service to Run Wordpress which is expensive no doubt, but if you are developer or Student you can Run it on your PC/Laptop Locally, just for development and to know it's user interface to Know More Check Out This Article: how to install wordpress in Pc or Laptop

Alright But if you want to Put your wordpress online and want to Show to other maybe Different country Friends, Then There you Go.

So To Start Your Own Free Wordpress Blog, Follow This 5 steps and you will own your Free Wordpress blog.

Step 1. Registration
  • Go to
  • Click on “Create a Website” (you will find it in Center of Page)
  • NEXT PAGE: You will see some Templates Choose one or Skip, then after they will ask you to select Your (sub)Domain then after Select whatever is your choice is, After selecting (sub)Domain Three Packages will shown Select "Free Plan" further you can also go with Premium And Business Plans.
  • NEXT PAGE: Enter You E-mail Address, Your Username and password to create new Account on
  • NEXT PAGE: Check your e-mail to for the link to complete your registration. Go to your email, click the link, and registration is complete. Your account is now active!
  • Login to your new blog account with your username and password. In the upper (black) menu bar, click on “Dashboard”

Step 2. Active Your Theme

  • On the left side menu, choose Appearance > Themes.
  • Browse the WP theme library. When you find a FREE theme that looks interesting, click the words “Live Preview” just below the screen shot. If you like what you see, choose “Save and Activate” in the upper left corner of your page. (Note: If you’ve already browsed themes and know what you want, simply type in the name in the search box upper left, then click on “Activate.”) The basic design of your blog is now in place.

Step 3. Steup General Things

  • In the left hand menu bar, go to Settings > General Settings.
  • Start at the top by typing in the “name” ( not website address url). this name is Your Name, This is what will appear as Author on Blog, Like "Akash Patel" It doesn’t have to be the same name/phrase you chose for your url. Next, choose a tagline (optional thing) such as, “Author, Blogger.” At the bottom of the page, Click “Save.”
  • To view your NEW blog, click on the name you typed in, which now appears in menu bar.

Step 4. Add Widgets Aka Gadgets

  • In the left hand menu bar, go to Appearance > Widgets.
  • Once you’ve decided on widgets you want, grab them with your mouse one at a time and “drag” them from the list on the left to the boxes on the right. Where you drag and drop widgets will affect your blog layout. Experiment!
  • Done? Click on your blog’s name in address bar and check it out! You can play with the type and positioning of widgets, and you can change them in the future.

Step 5. Publish Your First Post!

  • In the left hand menu bar, go to Posts > Add New.
  • now write your post title and all content in body part.
  • To view the page as it will actually appear when published, click the “Preview” button upper right on the page.
  • Ready to post? Click the “Publish” button, and you published your first post, good to go.

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Congratulations you made your own free wordpress blog, further more if you want for you business, i suggest you to go with premium and Business plan, as you are in Free Plan Some Function of Wordpress Like Plugins and Some themes, so as i said you can go with Premium and Business plan but they are bit expensive so if your budget is tight you can also Go with Self-Hosted Wordpress.

Thank you,if you want to me to step everything or Anything in Wordpress, Drop me Mail on:


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