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How to Boost Your Traffic using Hashtags

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How to Boost Your Traffic using Hashtags
hi,there i was very busy last couple of weeks do didn't write any article, sorry for that now i got some free time to write about how you can boost your website/blog traffic using right hashtag, we all know that hashtags are now in trend, people use hashtags for getting highlight on them when someone search relative keyword or hashtag.

hashtags are now supported by most of social networks, social network bring most of traffic, because people use it all time, and there are real people who uses no social networks so i am not talking about fake bot traffic, but real.

everyday people search on social media using those trending hashtags, so more hashtags you use more your blog/website will be discovered by them, which means more traffic.

so how to choose correct keyword ?

keyword should be relevant, remember most important thing. use relevant hashtag of what content or links you sharing.

here is some tips on how to choose a better keyword, that will help you to select good hashtag.

1. Keep it Shorter

This is easier said than done but, if it’s possible, keep the hashtag as short as possible. Since the most amount of characters a Twitter handle (username) can have is 16, try and keep the hashtag to the same amount of characters.

2. Make your hashtag relevant

If you worked at Adidas and were working on a campaign to introduce a new type of trainer called the Traction, you could use something like #AddTraction. If the hashtag was being used for nothing other than filing purposes, this wouldn’t be that bad a choice. But if you wanted to get brand awareness too, the hashtag would look more like something to do with mathematics than a running shoe. Instead #AdidasTraction is the better choice as both the brand and the product is being showcased.

3. make it conversational

This doesn’t always have to be the case, but it’s good to keep hashtags conversational if you can. This way they fit into sentences published on social media better. make notice you by tweeting them using hashtags so this conversational thing will attract more people to join and use that hashtag.

4. Keep the hashtags to a minimum

The other day I saw a business on social media use five separate hashtags in as many days. Imagine the reporting that would go into that? Also, how could any of these really resonate with the audience as there were so many of them? Instead, brands should keep hashtags they’re using in their social media to a minimum. It will increase the potential for virality, while making a marketer’s job easier at the same time.

by following this hashtag tips make a better hashtag and choose most used one to boost traffic on your blog.

thank you, let me know what hashtags you gonna use? in comment section below.


  1. A very useful article. All the doubts about the #hashtags are now cleared. Using hashtag on Twitter can bring you the most targeted traffic. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I didnt aware about this method. Thanks for sharing

  3. Really amazing information you have provided and it is very effective for me. Thanks for sharing.Social media marketing is such a great process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites.

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  5. Thank you for sharing Information about boost site traffic using hashtag.


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