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7 Top High Paying Niches for Google Adsense

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7 Top High Paying Niches for Google Adsense Featured Image

Making Money From Your Blog using google adsense is not a simple task. you need to work hard. even you are getting many clicks, you adsense earning will not increase. Because your adSense earning will depend on the type of ads showing on your blog.

you can increase your adsense with based on the keyword you used on your blog, adsense ads will appear on your blog. so you need to place high paying adSense Keyword on your blog.

now here i selected 7 high profitable niches for google adsense.

why Profitable High Paying Blogging Niches for Google Adsense?

before start a new blog with intention of making money, decide how you want to make money with your blog. if you want to make money using google adsense, the you need to choose the best suitable high paying adsense blogging topic. because if you fail choosing profitable adsense niche, you can't earn money with adsense easily.

your all adsense income will depend on topic you chosen. so first thing you need to do is finding the best high paying google adsene niche/topic hat suitable for you. after choosing profitable niche topic for your blog, next find top high paying keyword and place on your blog, you can find it using Google adword keyword planner.

Here i'M listing some of top high paying niches in google adsense.

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7 Top High Paying Niches for Google Adsense:

1. Donations - donations is one of the top high paying niche in google adsense. Create blog on this niche and choose keyword like "Donating Cars, Donating Cars to charity, donate old cars to charity, donating cars to goodwill and donate car for tax credit. like this, use profitable keyword on your blog to earn more money with google adsense.

2. Insurance - Insurance is also one of the profitable niche. many blogger using this niche to make money with google adsense. competitor is very high in the market. you can also earn money with less clicks. you can easily get more then $1 for single click.

3. Health and Fitness - Health and Fitness is also a high profitable niche, there are tons of product about health and fitness and if you can start blog on Health and Fitness with some keyword like "weight loss, how to loose weight, how to get rid of fat" etc.. you can really make some dough.

4. Free Downloading  - you know and you also searched many time about free download music,games etc.. Free Downloading sites are also making some good amount of money because there are tons of people who want to download free stuffs, so keyword like "free download apps,games" etc.. are very high profitable but its hard to rank.

5. Make Money Online - this is top 10 most searched query from last couple of years, people often searches about how to make money online, it is the most profitable niche ever from last couple of years also there are high paying on keywords about making money online and variants.

6. Smartwatches - New High Profitable niche, since smartphone manufacture companies started making smart watches with android OS people are searching more about it and Selling of smartwatches is at High. some keyword i found is Best Smartwatches, Smartwatches at cheap price etc..

7. Tutorial  - People like me learn from internet too much, also there are many online e-learning website which pay high money for this niche, some keywords like Online tutorials, Online JEE course, Online video tutorials etc.. are very high profitable keywords.

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that's it if you have questions regarding this contact me, select your suitable niche and start blogging.
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  1. Helpful, i started on Health & Fitness.
    thank you so much Akash.

    1. Glad to hear, keep blogging, and thank for your feedback.

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  3. Thanks for sharing tips. This will help us to avoid all these mistakes.

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