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Best Wordress Social Sharing Plugins

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Best Wordress Social Sharing Plugins
Wordpress social sharing plugins is essential for every webmaster and Website Owner and Bloggers.

Every internet person have Social network Profiles, social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus are use for entertainment as well as For Education , Lifestyle and Profession.

Also More than 56% bloggers are moved to Wordpress From Any other Web 2.0 sites, wordpress is popular CMS now days because of it's Unlimited Plugin Functionality and Limitless Customization.

For Website Owners and Blogger their Audience/Customers are First Priority, They add social sharing buttons so people do not have to copy their links and past on social network, this Social Buttons and Feature is not in-built in wordpress.

But you can install plugins for it, i tried couple of plugins, but most of are giving me/user some issues.

Finally i found some plugins that are Simple and Clean, which i am was testing from last couple of weeks, and i decide to share with you.

Lets Get Started, here is Some Plugins that are very impressive and clean and easy to use.

Wordress Social Sharing Plugins  

1. Flare

i was looking for what social plugins experts are using for their blogs and websites, i saw Neil Patel was using this plugin on his blog Quick Sporout, also he is well knows Blogger, so i think lets try it out, Impressive plugin, in One Word it is Classic!

Flare is social plugin for wordpress that provides you with share buttons that can float at the side of your post or appear above or below your post and you can choose to make all of them show on your site. Although you can choose which one of them you want to implement on your blog to avoid clustering your website with sharing plugins. From your widgets section, you can add your social profile buttons and drag it to your wordpress blog sidebar.

2. Shareaholic

i was using this Shareaholic early time when wordpress was not too popular, every new wordpress user use Shareaholic because of it's Attrective Buttons, It allow you to choose your theme, layout, size and whether you want headlines above your sharing buttons or not.

Shareaholic is not just a sharing plugin, it also has a related content widget and a top bar that displays social sharing buttons that floats down your page.

hareaholic also comes with helpful analytics features to gain an insight into how successful your content is performing in social network.

3. AddThis

AddThis social sharing buttons can be used on a lot of blogging platforms, not just WordPress, it support and a variety of platforms.

One disadvantage of this plugin is that some specific parts of this plugin cannot be customize in design and Layout as the we can likes shareaholic, one thing I include this plugin here is that they are constantly rolling out new features, which makes this plugin Top Plugin Today.

AddThis social share plugin has a lot of button layouts that you can choose from, and one of the most amazing feature is the analytical data you get access to when you sign up for an AddThis account. You will be able to know how your content are sharing and which of them are getting users engaged.

4. WP Social Sharing

WP Social Sharing is 100% responsive, this plugin is Very Clean and Looks Professional, this plugin have Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, Xing and Pinterest button that is one Disadvantage of Limitation.

Anyway i like this plugin because WP Social sharing adds very attractive responsive social share buttons to wordpress posts, page, media or any custom post type. This is very lightweight and simple social sharing plugin.

This plugin provide option whether you want to include plugin CSS/JS or not. Most of the social sharing plugins uses images/api to display social share buttons, but this plugin created large social sharing buttons using CSS3. Also these social sharing buttons are responsive. For device width less than 480px these buttons converted into their respective icons.

Also Some more Features Like, it Provide Shortcode, can integrated with any theme easily. and Custom Social Button text.

Final Words:

What social sharing plugin are you using on your website/blog? And do you know any other social share plugins that are best and i forget to listed here and you want to recommend it to our readers? Please comment down below and share information.


  1. I was looking for a sharing plugin, but not having a lot of luck until I found your post...looks like lots of great possibilities to try here. Thanks so much.

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