Saturday, September 5, 2015

which you should choose Self-hosting or free alternative?

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Free vs Paid
this is difficult to decide that You need to decide whether to pay for your blog or grab a free one. well depends on how serious you are about blogging.

WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger all offer free blogs for anyone. that's good but it there are some negative points too..

1) You won’t be able to get your OWN domain name
On a free blog, your blog’s web address (your URL) will be unprofessional. Like, really not good. In short, create a free blog with any other the above free blog services and it’ll look like this:
I know, it's not professional right?
2) Limits and more limits
There are some limits to free blogs. You can’t fully monetize it, and you don’t have the possibility to upload all those videos and images you want to show everyone – it’s all limited.
3) You DON’T OWN your blog
It might sound silly at first, but you don’t actually own your blog. It’s hosted on someone else’s web property and they can delete it if they want so. They have done so in the past, and keep doing it in the future. Which means all your hard work on your blog, all those countless hours of writing blog posts might be vanished within seconds.
this negative points are positive for self-hosting.
Ok so now some good points about free alternatives
1) 99.99% uptime & Security  : blogger,tumblr are web 2.0 they never let you down and they have best security , in wordpress self-hosting there are more chance of to be hacked.
2) good bandwidth: you hosting provider may not offer you good bandwidth in terms of you paid less, so this alternative provide unlimited bandwidth so they can handle any amount of visitors
3)good editors: blogger, tumblr, provides you good post editor to make new post or edit them.
4)never slow down: as i told before this free alternative can give you unlimited bandwidth so your blog never slow down due to more visitors..

ok now choose what is perfect for you and move to next step of blogging.. good luck


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