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25 Blogging Mistakes to avoid infographic

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25 Blogging Mistakes to avoid – Infographic

You may have even seen blogging tips in an infographic so it is easy to consume and saves time.

here is 25 blogging mistakes and blunders to avoid shown in infographic image, that every blogger should avoid to become more successful blogger.

Here is an infographic with 25 blogging mistakes to avoid, some are no-brainers and some are golden for new bloggers.

25 Blogging Mistakes to avoid infographic

Some main Points:

Writing for yourself: if you have lack of grip on your blogging language, if your grammer is weak, you should not write articles yourself. hire some content writers to write for your blog. because remember "content is King".

Not Having Niche: niche means subject, if you donot have any subject to write about on blog, then how your blog will get popular.

Use Image: use atleast one related image in your post, image should be useful or not useful does not matter use aleast one image to attract visitor for reading your article.

inconsistent blogging: many bloggers are inconsistent, when they start blogging they post regularly for some time after loosing some interest they publish articles once in week sometimes once in month, this causes decrease your readers. so blogging consistently.

Focussing on Quantity: focus more on quality of content more than quantity, because today no one have such time to read long articles, make your article of quality over quantity.

Not Marketing Your Content:  marketing is main function in blogging, if people do not know you published article they want to know, then how they will reach to your blog, so share your blog links in social networking sites to market your content also there are many ways to marketing i will make article on that later on.

Content is copied as is from someone else: this is why most of bloggers are not successful because they copied article same as they were published on original one, you can take content idea but do not copy articles from others, because google's "Humming bird" algorithm detect that your copied and it causes low ranking of your blog.

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