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9 Must Have Wordpress Plugins in 2015

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9 Must Have Wordpress Plugins in 2015

9 Must Have Wordpress Plugins in 2015 : Featured image.
Wordpress is growing faster as users are increasing faster for using it,  wordpress is always first choice of all company and people because of its customization feature that make wordpress very professional. Plugins Yes ! Plugins is the reason why wordpress is very rich featured.

you may think what plugins are? well it simple plugins are small web software/script packages that help main master script/software/portal to be more rich-feature.

so in this article i listed 9 initial plugins that you should have in 2015, also this is most popular and more used by many people also this 9 must have wordpress plugins in 2015 is very powerful that will make your wordpress website/blog more professional.

NOTE: Also note that i m not Affiliate of any of this plugins, all plugins are free to use.

Lets get Started,

1. Wordpress SEO by Yoast

9 Must Have Wordpress Plugins in 2015 : Yoast SEO Featured image.

Wordpress SEO by Yoast is a Ultimate SEO plugin that will help your wordpress website/blog to optimize for Search engines algorithm which we know changes often. Wordpress SEO is not that easy but using this Wordpress SEO by Yoast You Can Rank your website OR your Blog easily with in a week, i even ranked on high competition keyword on my other blog easily with the help of this plugin. also you can checkout my article on How to do Wordpress OnPage SEO in which i shown how to do SEO using This Plugin.


2. Backup Plugin

9 Must Have Wordpress Plugins in 2015 : Backup plugin Featured image.

after you grow your blog, like 50 post more then that, what if you loose your whole work of wordpress by mistake ? no of course you do not want that, yes this plugin is solution of it. this backup plugin is free and easy to use you can Backup and Restore your wordpress website/blog using this free plugin, this plugin is good i am using this now days, also this plugin offers option to backup in cloud too. also you can restore whole backup using this plugin, also features like schedule backups and FULL backup - Restore is also a plus point of this plugin.


3. w3 Total Cache

9 Must Have Wordpress Plugins in 2015 : W3 total cache Featured image.

w3 total cache is use to optimize website performance for visitors/users, now if you donot know what is Cache? then let me explain it is simple that when visitor visits your website some CSS/JS files are download to their computer as temporary file so when ever they again visit website/blog CSS/JS files are load from their P.C. so website load faster for them. if you still confused google it, well w3 cache plugin really helpful to load your website faster for visitor/user with many advance option that are a lot but you do not need to setup just install and "ON Caching" that's it.


4. Akismet

9 Must Have Wordpress Plugins in 2015 : Akismet Featured image.

Akismet is a Freemium plugin means it is free to use but if you want some more advance feature you need to purchase paid plans. now this plugin protects your wordpress website/blog from spam comments, whenever someone comments askimet check whether it is spam comment or Real, using their smart algorithm then after spam detect it automatically remove that spam comment from your blog, it is easy to use. in wordpress it is pre-installed but in case if you do not have download it.


5. WP

9 Must Have Wordpress Plugins in 2015 : WP Featured image.

images are necessary now days but High Quality and Big Sized Images takes more time to load, so as solution Wp is a plugin which compress image and reduce its size so it load quickly in your article/website, very handy just install and you done , now you upload image anytime it will compress it automatically.


6. Login lockdown

9 Must Have Wordpress Plugins in 2015 : Login Lockdown Featured image.

Login Lockdown is a security plugin which protect your blog from get hacked, as ethical i know about hacking methods, one of it called Brute Force attack, this plugin protect you from being hacked by brute force attack, after 3 incorrect login Attempts person get Forbidden from another login attempt. very useful plugin for basic security of your wordpress CMS.


7. Meta Slider

9 Must Have Wordpress Plugins in 2015 : Meta Slider Featured image.

Visitors attract by content that's true but also they attract by your website/blog design, today slider at top of website is a basic structure of professional website/blogs nowdays, so here is very popular and handy plugin which is Meta Slider, i personally use this plugin to put slider on Top of my website/blog. also plugin is very handy that you can customize it as your need.


8. AddtoAny

9 Must Have Wordpress Plugins in 2015 : AddToAny Featured image.

AddtoAny is very Handy and Flexible plugin that shows Share buttons in your website/blog, addtoany is feature rich, and you can custom it as your need of social platform, this is i use from many years, yes there is some issues that it have bugs with some fancy theme but most of theme is support it. this plugin helps visitor/user to direct share your links on their favorite social networks.


9. Theme Check

9 Must Have Wordpress Plugins in 2015 : Theme Check Featured image.

Theme check is a also basic security plugin that helps you to find whether your theme have any bugs/error or not. some of think it is useless but it is not because my wordpress website/blog hacked because of theme error. so whenever you choose/install new theme using this plugin check if your theme is ok OR not, very simple to use just select theme and press Check and within few min. it will give you result. best tool for basic wordpress security AND From Not being Hacked.


Final Words:
That's all my choice of 9 must have wordpress plugins in 2015, this was my best plugin choices if i missed any, let me know by commenting down below, also please share and comment what you think about this plugins?

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