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What to Do Before Applying for Google AdSense

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What to Do Before Applying for Google AdSense

People Join Google Adsense to start earning some extra money with some efforts, it seems that everyone wants to make money by joining Google's AdSense Feature.

Things are today changed, not joining adsense is not that easy as past days, applying for AdSense Takes More effort and some Restrictions so that you can take full advantage of their services.

First Make a Good Reason to Apply for Adsense so you can make the benefits that service offers, here you will find out More About What Google AdSense is all About What They Offer and how you can properly prepare yourself before joining to really take Advantage.

What is Google AdSense?

Google Adsense is One Of the Best Establishing Network in World which offers advertising, publishing. Adsense uses Pay Per Click (PPC) System to help business and services reach to world audience. Google provide AdSense Service to all website/blog owners.

today adsense is one of the most respected and valuable network, because of Millones of Publishers and Advertisers who use this service. if you do your work right way, it will pay better than any other alternatives service on the web

However, it is their very success that now makes them harder to join,when you apply, everything has to be just right otherwise you will rejected.

How to Avoid Getting Your Application Rejected ?

there are number of thing to avoid when applying for AdSense so that your entry will not be discard, here are some main ones:

Read Google Polices: just like prepare for exam, google post their polices about what it takes for your site to be approved.

Have Good Content: If your website Doesn't have good or sufficient content, it will be rejected, so be sure that you provide them with enough review.

Post Your Contact Information: If Google Cannot find a way to contact you though your website/Blog, you might as well not apply. having an About Us Or About Me Page that is complete with your contact info is minimum to get accepted.

Now you Are Done With Basics, now lets see What to Do Before Applying for Google AdSense.

9 Ways to increase Your Chances when Applying for AdSense

What to Do Before Applying for Google AdSense

  • Policy for Privacy :  it may seems odd to have privacy policy for your blog, but it is vital if you want to get adsense approval without it, you might as well not apply at all. the policy itself should describe to those who visit your blog what they see and what they can and cannot do. 

  • Contact Information : this is where you put in your contact information at the very least, it should consist of an email so that readers can contact you directly about any issue they having on your blog.

  • About Us : this is where you tell people about who are you and why you doing this, and what is purpose behind doing this, Or Intro of your Organization and Moto. etc .. contains this page.

  • Email & Name Verification :  be sure that you put your email as your name in your About Me Or Contact Us Page so that it will help google verify you quickly.

  • Appropriate Design : Your Blog Should Look Attractive, professional and easy to use. you don't have to be fancy or pour in thousands of money, just make it clean and neat will be enough.

  • Have Plenty of Posts : this is main reason why blog is rejected because of low post and content , so minimum post should be 500 words long and contain at least one image, and plenty of post about 20 to 30 i would say minimum more is beneficial.

  • Remember the Rules : No Pornography, illegal items, advocating drug use or other items that will not get you adsense approval at all plus, if your post are less then 200 words that will not work either.

  • Make Reputation : Your Blog website must provide real value of your writing for your audience, this will keep your visitors come daily and check your blog which leads to Fam and reputation.

  • Unique Domain : basically domain does't make any difference but as professional you should choose some top level domain .com .net etc..

Also Be Patient For this, this is not thing which will approved over night it takes a week after applying for adsense to decide.

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