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How to enable HTTPS on Blogger Blog

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How to enable HTTPS on Blogger Blog

blog is important for every organization or company or personal to engage with customers/readers but what if your blog can be manipulate by hackers using sniffing tool, yes read how you can protect your blog with HTTPS:

What is HTTPS ?

HTTPS stands for Hyper-text Transfer Protocol Secure. HTTPS is an application protocol used by the world wide web to define how messages are formatted and transmitted. HTTPS is the best for security of data. using HTTP(default) protocol the data is transmitted in plain text. it is possible for hackers to capture transmitted data using sniffing tool. so for security of data, use HTTPS protocol. when HTTPS is enable Data is transmit in encrypted form, so that hackers can not read it easily.

Why Should i use HTTPS in my blogger blog ?

You should use HTTPS specially is you own your company blog, because without HTTPS hackers can change and manipulate what visitor see, for example some of your competitors hire hacker to Slow down your business, they can manipulate images/text info. using some tool, i know because i used to play with them. so if you own some serious business you should enable HTTPS on your blogger blog.

How to enable HTTPS on Blogger Blog ?

it is simple to enable HTTPS on your blogger blog , blogger providing HTTPS setting to enable HTTPS. by default HTTPS is not enable on your blogger blog, but for custom domains using on blogger you need to enable HTTPS manually. to check HTTPS enabled on your blog or not just enter your blog with HTTPS:// on address bar like: HTTPS://

Follow below steps to enable HTTPS on your Blogger Blog:

  • STEP 1. Goto blogger Dashboard.

  • STEP 2. click on settings and in settings goto basic seetings.

  • STEP 3. Find HTTPS Setting and choose Yes from HTTPS availability Dropdown. if you confused Image Shown Below.

How to enable HTTPS on Blogger Blog Step 3 image

  • STEP 4. click on Save Changes.

That's it you successfully enabled HTTPS on your blogger blog. now type: and check if it is enabled or not. if you have any problems comment down below.

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