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How to Promote a Blog

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it is very basic question for bloggers that, making a blog is easy but how they can reach to their targeted audience and how they can promote their blog so more people can know about their blog, making a blog is a easy but to promote a blog need some hard efforts and time.
how to promote a blog in blogging network?, well continue reading.

How to Promote a Blog 

here are some interesting methods for bloggers to promote a blog and drive large audience/visitors on their blog or website. this article cover 3 basic level method , as well as key concept to make your blog SEO friendly and drive more visitors from various popular online resources.

Method 1. Forums

blogging is not about self promotion and you can not be on top without the help of others, well basically some people do not know what is forum? well forum is a community website/platform on specific subject where people discuss about related topic and represent them in front of community.

so what you have to do is find your subject/niche related forums and join and help other people, and also promote your blog on forums, ex: someone want to help on SEO, then answer and solve their problem and also put your blog link in your reply, and many people will click on your link which posted in forums, and you will drive traffic as well as good ranking on search engines.

Method 2. Social Sharing 

people are more active now days on social networks like facebook , twitter,google plus etc.. at this time mostly active social network are this mentioned. also social networks are platform to represent yourself and your blog. to promote a blog and to known by your visitors and customers you need to share your blog on social networks as much as possible on daily basis.

here is pro tip, ask your friends and family or your staff members to share your blog on social networks in which they are active. this will seen by google that people sharing this blog, so slowly slowly google rank you blog in search results, google crawler thinks it is good blog because you blog is shared by different people, it is called as natural sharing, there is paid sharing also that you pay people and they share you blogs but i do not recommend it at this time.

Method 3. Promote a blog with Email Signature

Promote a blog with email signature, we all use email to communicate or to inform, email is very basic need of today to communicate with others. so here is method to promote your blog through Signature.

When you send mail to other, put a name and your blog link at last of message of email is called email signature, confuse ? see below image.

Promote a blog with email signature

as you can see in image, my signature is:

Akash Patel
Blogging Tips by Akash ( i put hyperlink on this, from little icon right after image icon.)

also put hyperlink to my blog name, so i put this in my every email that i sent,now when people got my mail they read and after that they click on my blog link. thats how you can get traffic with email signature.

So this three method can help you out to promote you blog easily,if you have question regarding this email me on:

hope it is helpful also please subscribe to our email subscription, and share this post with your blogger group.


  1. thanks for this useful tip this is what i am looking for.

    1. glad that you find this helpful, keep commenting..

  2. I am a new blog writer and its in initial stage , i think i have deep interests in SEO your tips and suggestions are very helpful for me , thnx

    1. thanks, i will publish more articles on SEO for both blogger and wordpress soon..
      keep visiting.

  3. Wow nice tips to increase traffic but please tell Last Step again in simple language.
    My blog :

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