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SEO Image Optimization Guide

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SEO Image Optimization Guide 

SEO Image Optimization Guide

hey friends it about a two weeks gone i didn't updated my blog, but i saved this article with title only, so today i open up and finally decided to start writing about SEO but not web page seo, SEO for Images that we use in our blog.

as a blogger we know that in article image is one of the most important part of our articles. so do you ever search like "Rose Flower" and then open image tab on google and then you see many pictures of the thing you searched. now didn't that question you get from where this pictures are fetched? is google uploaded this like 1 million photos? no google fetched it from other peoples website/blog.

now how the google bot can see that people uploaded flower picture or not? no do not think that there is special humans that verify that is flower or not, people at google have more things to do than this.

ok answer is very simple people actually use Title and Alt tags on image when they put it on there blog/website, well that is all about Image optimization.

Lets Get Started,

What and Why is Image Optimization? 

Image optimization is a method to make image more Efficient towards Search engine as well as For Blog/website.

Image Optimization leads to more traffic also to rank better in search engines, Image optimization is process to make image for friendly/efficient for Your blog/website as well as search engines.

so as you read above in starting of this article you understood 90% of it what why we should do it. also it helps me to lead more organic traffic from google images. so do not ignore it. and continue reading. 

How to do Image Optimization for SEO?

To optimize image i listed out some point that you should take care of in order to optimize image:

Image Relevance 
Image relevancy is important when it comes to image optimization for SEO. An image of a flower on a page related to Vegetable is not correct. I know its common sense but this thing is so important that I just can’t miss it out.

Image Size and Hosting
Image size is matters, when you upload you image on website/blog, and after publishing it. if image is HD and about 3 to 6 MB size it will take time to load depends on visitor's internet speed or maybe he leaves you page because image didn't load, yes you got me so before uploading image if it is not that much important compress image for lower size and then upload it, so it not take long time to load for visitors.

Also it Affects your hosting bandwidth, whenever you use large sized images it directly affect you bandwidth, because calculate if 100 people visits you website/blog and your image is 5 MB sized, now bandwidth wasted for it is 100 * 5 =500 MB , but if you have unlimited bandwidth then there are slow loading problems.

so Compress you Image and Then upload it, for best results. for wordpress i just mention about one plugin called wp so you can Read it here: Image Compression Plugin For Wordpress

Image File Name
As for article title and keyword are important it is same with images, avoid image file names like 'DMC0002.jpg' and always use keyword-rich image file name with (Hyphen) '-' or (plus) '+' for example: 'Steve-jobs-life-story-book-cover.jpg' is more seo friendly.

Meta Tags
Meta Tags mainly two 'Alt tag' and 'Title tag' is Key of SEO Friendly image Optimization, now what is alt tag? well it is basically a tag for search engine crawlers because they are not human so they can't see what image is it. so alt tag inform that whatever image is. in wordpress whenever you upload image in left side it gives options of Alg tag, write there your alt tag, and in blogger by click on image it shows "Property" and after clicking on it, alt and title tag option popups.

title tag is also same it just gives info to search engine crawler that what image is that, very simple you can also give title tag as i told about for alt tag in above paragraph in wordpress and blogger.

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that was it guys my guide on image optimization, comment down suggestions or anything you want to say, Hope it is helpful, Comment Down, Share it, and subscribe to our E-mail Subscription For New Article Alerts.

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