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How to do On Page SEO For Wordpress

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How to do On Page SEO For Wordpress

Wordpress is Popular CMS Portal nowdays. today more than 80% websites are powered by wordpress CMS portal. wordpress CMS come with PingBack system that is advantage but SEO of wordpress is also important factor.

in Past Days OnPage SEO was done manually, but since wordpress introduced people using wordpress to build professional website without coding. also On page SEO become Easy for wordpress today using plugins.

Lets get Started we are using Yoast SEO which is best SEO plugin nowdays and will automatically rank your website/blog easy and fast.

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How to Add Plugins in Wordpress site?

add plugins in wordpress.

first to install any plugin , go to your dashboard and and in plugins Tab click on Add New.

as shown in this image from dashboard goto plugins and add new

now there are many plugins will shown up which are popular and people using most.

select any plugin and click on Install and you successfully installed plugin.

How to Install Yoast SEO Plugin ?

Install Yoast SEO Plugin.

after add new, search "Yoast SEO" and find plugin with Yoast SEO name and By Team Yoast, then just click on install.

confused? follow above image steps and you successfully installed Yoast SEO Plugin.

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How to do SEO with Yoast SEO Plugin ?

Article SEO with Yoast SEO plugin.

ok to do on page seo for wordpress articles using Yoast SEO plugin Create a New Post, write your Keyword rich title, your article body and also try to include your main keyword you select for title is contain in article body too.

then after now you will find a Box with Yoast SEO after article body, first is Focus Keyword in that same copy and paste your keyword rich title you selected, then in meta description also include that keyword rich title and write some relevant info. about article.

also below title you find permalink make sure you keyword rich title also there in permalink, if you confused follow above image and try to figure out.

after all set just publish your article. and you successfully optimized your post for ON Page SEO.

Yoast SEO General Basic Settings 

Yoast SEO General Basic Settings.

after Post SEO lets do some general onPage SEO settings for your whole Wordpress Blog, first of all on your dashboard you will find SEO tab after installation of Yoast SEO Plugin. click on it and goto general, then goto company info as shown in above image, then Fill up Your Website Name, Alternative name(Short name, Other name) in it.

then in Company or person section choose your website/blog is company or your personal. if is company then Below Section Fill up Company Name and also you can add logo of your company as well.

and click on Save Changes. you successfully done General SEO Settings.

Yoast SEO Title & Meta Settings

Yoast SEO titles & metas Settings.

now there is one more on page setting called meta tags, in yoast SEO plugin tab goto Titles & Metas and then click on Homepage Tab as shown in above image.

now you will find two fields one is title template and Meta Description, do not touch Title template. and edit Meta Description Template add relevant and keyword rich 150 character max short info. about your website/blog.

and click on Save Changes. now you successfully done Yoast SEO titles and meta Settings.

also i found there is no need to change anything else if you are advance user and know how to play with this stuffs you good to go but for beginners its enough.

that's it you successfully Done on Page SEO for your Wordpress blogHope it is helpful, Comment Down, Share it, and subscribe to our E-mail Subscription For New Article Alerts.


  1. very helpful and step by step guide thank you so much..

    1. thank you for commenting, and glad that it was helpful, also subscribe to our email alerts.

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