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how to increase traffic on your blog

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how to increase traffic on your blog.

how to increase traffic on your blog

this is very common question which got in email inbox, that how to increase traffic on your blog ? well i will tell how you can get tons of traffic overnight this article content 5 techniques to spread your blog over internet and get traffic from it.

ok so first of all your content should be High Quality and Detailed and also do some keyword research and write article on that basis, ok this is very basic and common methods which most of you know maybe, but if you do it well you can drive tons of traffic just by applying this 5 methods.

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Lets get Started,

Social Networking Sites : 

every single person is using Social media nowdays, so it easy to inform them about your website/blog, share you website/blog link on social media ask your some friends to share your link and also try to reach to your targeted audience.

for example, facebook is most active social platform, so lets say i have my this blog and i want Traffic so what i do is share on my timeline and ask my couple of friends to share it, ok then i searches for My niche related group like "Blogger" then i join that group and discuss about some topics and try to help them then i post my link to help them, that's it they will visit your website/blog because you are nice and helpful guy not spammer so they will trust you, Pro Tip: Do some Research and Find Group with More Active Users and Tons of Users.

this was facebook examples there are lots of social networking sites like twitter, Google Plus etc..

Forums : 

well i already explained what is forum, so check out Promote Blog using Forums, ok so now join forums under your niche, if you do not know how to find forums under your niche search on google like for example my niche is blogging so i search for "Bloggers forums" or like Technology Forums and you will grab some good forums.

after finding forums join them or sign up and start discussing and after building some reputation put your links in relevant topics, people are using forums who are really love to their passion like me.
Pro Tip: be online on forums more, discuss more, help more and make yourself popular on forum then after everyone start trusting you put your blog/website links in relevant post.

Web Directories :

when we need to find someone's number we search in Phone Directory as similar when people want to find some specific website for example a Heart Surgery Doctor's website for appointment they search in Web directory, web directory is nothing but collection of website/blogs under specific category.

find some web directories and submit your blog/website in it, give proper title and info. and it take 2-3 weeks to submit depends on their rules so be patient one they will submit they will email you, now i know what you thinking from where you find those web directories well do not worry, here is list of 21 Blog Directories Sites To Submit Your Blog that people often visit.

Build Community :

Build community or Groups on social network or Google Plus community find and add targeted audience and grow your group and community and then after when ever you make new article or website changes share on that community and drive lots of traffic, ask your friends to add people and ask them to ask their friend to add more people, you will not believe i own 15,000 members group on facebook and when ever i post i get 1000 page view in 24 hour.

so go and build community with some active and good people. Pro Tip: ask your all friends to invite their friend in group or community also share your group or community in other groups and community and ask them to join, it will help you to grow faster and also be polite and helpful.

Partnership :

in your business/blog/website there is always competitors which give you competition in your business/blog/website so take advantage if them and ask them for friendship or partnership and help each other to grow.

Find other sites/blogs with similar content and share links with them to build relationships and viewership. Pro Tip: ask your competitors to share or Make Link List of your website/link and in-exchange add their website/blog link on your website/blog.

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