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How to increase Alexa Ranking of Your Blog

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How to increase Alexa Ranking of Your Blog

increase Alexa Ranking: featured imageThe Alexa Rank in its time may have been strongly important for the SEO, however these days is already losing its importance due to the changes in the google algorithm applies from time to time, and google making their algorithm advance day to day so people can't rank Spam content using SEO, may be SEO will dead in future as my opinion.

as you know Page Rank is already Dead, if you didn't read About PagRank you can check out here About Google PageRank

You May Think What is Alexa? answer is Alexa is Amazon company which displays information about visitors of a website/blog, and generate estimated statistics about visitors traffic and links pointing to your website/blog. in a one sentence Alexa Rank Does not Directly Affect SEO, but rather serves as a reference for measuring the traffic, popularity by country and clicks on Google Searches.

if you want to enrich or have good alexa rank of your website/blog, here are some ways to do it in Short time.

4 Ways to Increase Alexa Rank Faster

increase Alexa Ranking: 4 ways image

Daily Content: Try to update your blog everyday, post at least 2 articles per day for a month to see some good changes in Alexa Ranking.

Install Alexa Widgets: there is widgets of alexa to notifying about backlinks, visitors and ranking, which will provide your website's visitors, ranking and links for your reader and you, you can simply add this widgets. there are 3 different types of it, this will help to update your alexa rank faster, you can find widgets here Traffic Widgets

Alexa Toolbar: from my experiments, i recommend you to install the Alexa Toolbar, because once you visit website from your own pc with installed this toolbar, alexa will count this visit and thus, we may get better results in the ranking. besides this, the toolbar will also provide you more information about the links of a website, popular pages, review and more.

Professional Tip: install this toolbar on public PCs and set browser homepage of your website/blog, so now every time if anyone open up public PCs browser it will show your website/blog and as you already installed Alexa Toolbar it will count as visitor and you will see major growth in Alexa ranking of your website/blog.

Request a review: To calculate the Alexa ranking of a website, not only the amount of daily and monthly visits will make a site popular, but the number of reviews or opinions made with stars will also play a role in the ranking. Ask your readers to do a review or purchase Alexa opinions about your website.

Hope this will help you for Rank faster in alexa Rank. do not forget to share and subscribe to our email subscription.


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